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FFCAK was created in honor of baby Cameron Norris, who was murdered. We advocate for victimized kids. Follow us on Facebook 

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are Advocates Against Child Homicide! 

We are known as FFCAK Advocates and we are seeking Minnesota lawmakers to enact Cameron Norris Law, in the First-degree Murder law as a Child Homicide Statute. 

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Whether you help through love contributions, volunteering your time, spreading our mission through Facebook or word-of-mouth, THANK YOU! 

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FFCAK Advocates is a group of parents working hard on making a difference for all kids in Minnesota. We hold a meeting once a month, to stay proactive on our plans and goals for FFCAK. We know that with time, dedication, networking, persistence, and love, we will achieve our goals. 

Our Goals

First Mission; Seek lawmakers to implement Cameron Norris Law as a Child Murder law in Minnesota. This mission began in April 2013 and continues to seek out support. 

Second Mission; Throw a BIG benefit once a year under "Cameron Norris Foundation". 

We want to serve families with love, support, resources and emergency financial assistance. We also have a vision to provide temporary emergency housing for families with animals.

The Dream of a Motivated Mother

Cynthia Sweats is a SURVIVOR of childhood abuse, domestic abuse, and she is a parent of a murdered child. Precious baby Cameron Norris. 

Cynthia has two daughters and she is the founder of Fighting for Cameron and Kids. Currently, she is in college and will graduate in Spring 2019 with her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. She plans to continue her education to obtain her Bachelor's Degree and anticipates graduating in 2020.  Her career goal is to work as a Parole Officer. 

Cynthia has been pursuing to change the law on child murder since April 2013 and wants to have Cameron Norris Law passed. Cynthia KNOWS it is possible with everyone's support!

About Cameron

12/23/1999 to 02/07/2003

Cameron was born into the arms of Cynthia Sweats in 1999. He was the light of her life and adored by so many people.

Samuel Christopher Jones

Was a close friend of the family for over 9 years. Jones, was the uncle of Cynthia's best friend. He was trusted to watch Cameron so Cynthia could go to work. There is still no understanding of why this happened, but Jones brutally beat Cameron to death. This tragically changed Cynthia's life forever.

Second-Degree "Unintentional" Murder

Jones was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and only served 14 years. He was released March 8, 2017. 

This is the reason and many other cases, why we need a Child Murder Law. 


FFCAK Advocates thanks you for coming to our page and learning about what we are working hard to do for victimized children. YOU CAN HELP make a BIG difference with your support! 

"Cameron Norris Law"


Be it resolved...that the DFL make it a Legislative Priority to pass Cameron Norris Law, allowing to put into place guidelines for sentencing of adults that commit child homicides.  Offenders will be charged with 1st degree homicide, when arrested and booked into jail.  The offender is given the choice to go to trial or take the "Intentional Second-Degree Murder" plea deal. The plea deal will be an intense and extensive rehabilitative program that can provide parole to the offender after 40 years, only if all requirements and terms of the plea deal are met.  


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