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Child Homicide Statistics

Inflicting violence on a child is an unjust and punishable action!


Violence is the leading cause of death, hospitalization, and disability for children ages 1 through 18. 

The United States is Ranked 7th in the world in global homicide


UNICEF who works hard to improve policies that protect all children reports; that there are about 4 annual child homicides for every 100,000 people. 

Minnesota Statistic of Children Murdered In


Age 1: 16 Homicides

Age 1-4: 21 Homicides

Ages 5-9: Unspecified

Ages 10-14: 11 Homicides

Ages 15-19: 62 Homicides

Minnesota Statistic of Children Murdered In


Under age 10: 8 Homicides

Ages 10-15: 2 Homicides

Ages 15-18: 2 Homicides

Minnesota Statistic of Children Murdered In


Under age 10: 9 Homicides

Ages 15-18: 8 Homicides



Please keep in mind that not all crimes against children are reported to authorities, so it is more likely than not, that the statistical numbers are even higher. 

A Voice For Victimized Children

Who We Are

We are parents against child homicide! 

FFCAK is seeking Minnesota lawmakers to enact Cameron Norris Law, under clause (5) in the first-degree murder statute as a Child Homicide Law. It is a demand for harsher sentencing on adults who murder a living child.


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Fighting for Cameron and Kids's (FFCAK) Mission

Fighting for Cameron and Kids are demanding lawmakers to amend clause (5) under the first-degree murder statute and add "Cameron Norris Law" - for all fatally victimized children.  

It must read as follows: (a) Whoever does any of the following is guilty of murder in the first degree and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life: 

(5) causes the death of a minor by an object, physical bodily harm, choking or asphyxiation, drowning, hanging, neglect and malnourishment, purposeful medication overdose, purposeful poison, purposeful shaking with force causing brain damage and death. Causes the death of a minor by human trafficking. All deaths occurred under circumstances manifesting an indifference to human life;


As apart of this law, a plea bargain of Second-Degree "Intentional" Murder will  be offered. This plea bargain will provide the offender an opportunity for parole after 40 years (26 served years with good time). HOWEVER, if the offender is non-compliant and cannot meet the terms of the plea bargain agreement, the offender will forfeit the plea bargain, and remain in prison for life. #CameronNorrisLaw


This mission cannot be done without your help! FFCAK needs your support to make this happen! SIGN THE PETITION

Mother Of Murdered Boy Pushing For Tougher Laws

February 2017: WCCO 4 NEWS - "Mother Of Murdered Boy Pushing For Tougher Laws On Child Killers." 

Cameron Norris Law: Mother pushes for longer sentences

February 2017: FOX 9 - "Cameron's Law: Mother pushes for longer sentences." 

Cameron D. Norris

12/23/1999 to 02/07/2003

Cameron was born December 23, 1999 into the arms of Cynthia Sweats. He was a very healthy and absolutely adorable 8 lbs and 11 oz. little bundle of joy.  He grew into such a sweet and precious 3-year-old. He was THAT CHILD who could walk into a room and people always noticed him & his BIG bright smile. 


Cameron loved "Air Force Ones" by Nelly. He also enjoyed singing to the songs he knew on the radio and dancing until he fell down laughing. 


"Cameron loved to cuddle up next to me and lay on my stomach, He used to hear all the gurgling going on and he would mimic the sounds that he heard! He used to make me laugh so hard doing that!" 

Cameron's Killer: Samuel C. Jones


Samuel Christopher Jones Offender ID:

212953, was a long time family friend who was trusted to watch Cameron on one occasion, so Cynthia could go to work. Jones brutally beat Cameron to death on February 7, 2003. 

Jones told detectives he had fell of the counter. Duct tape with blood on it was found in the trash to cover Cameron's screams. Cameron has bruises all over his little body and a big boot print on his back. Cameron was rushed to the hospital but he passed away the very next morning while on life support. 


Jones accepted a plea bargain on the lesser charge of second-degree "Unintentional" Homicide. In November 2003, the max the judge could sentence Jones was to 20 years in MN State Prison. 


Jones was released from prison on March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years. He violated parole May 2017. He went back to prison and was released AGAIN, on August 1, 2017. Jones is to remain on parole until 2023 and be listed as a predatory offender for life. This is NOT and will NEVER be justice for Cynthia's Loss!

MANY MINNESOTA CHILD HOMICIDE CASES have received the same light sentencing too. We NEED a law with HARSHER sentencing specifically FOR children!

Mother fights to change law after son's beating death

March 2017 - FOX 9 NEWS - "Cameron's Law: Mother fights to change law after son's beating death."



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